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Companies have a duty to design safe products. They have a duty to manufacture products so that they aren’t defective.  And some products, which are inherently dangerous, need appropriate warnings.

When companies fail in these duties, and defective products injure consumers and workers, we have the ability to sue them under Products’ Liability law to seek compensation for the injured worker or consumer.

Products’ liability law is relatively simple in its construction.  But the devil is in the details.  In each case, we have to identify the part of the product that was defective. This can be a difficult task when some products have dozens of parts, manufactured and marketed by a dozen component part suppliers. Then, we have to overcome the law’s defenses for manufacturers.  If it is a defective design case, we have to prove there was a safer alternate design.  If it was a defective warning, we need to prove there was an appropriate warning available.  The defendants frequently try to defend with government standards, even if those standards were created with faulty data from the manufacturer.

Products’ liability cases are as diverse and varied as there are different types of products.  We have litigated defective tires that separated on the highway, killing the car’s passengers. We have litigated defective medicines that didn’t have the proper warnings of all the harmful side effects that could hurt medical patients.  We have litigated industrial machinery that tore two fingers off of a worker’s hand when the fingers were pinched between two rollers – and better machines with proper guards had been on the market for years.  In each case, we work with top-notch experts in the relevant field to identify the product defect, get past the manufacturers’ defenses, and get the case ready for trial.

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