Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston

Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC attorneys provide ethical and zealous representation in personal injury lawsuits. We are experienced at moving cases through discovery (the process of demanding and receiving documents, questioning witnesses and experts), crafting legal arguments, and getting in front of a jury. Through our decades of experience in dealing with various industries and experts, we are well positioned to figure out what happened, what should have been done better, and what damages should be paid.

Practice Areas:

• Wrongful Death • Car and Truck Wrecks

• Non-Subscriber Employee Injury • Workplace Injuries

• Asbestos and Benzene • Products Liability • Construction Accidents


The civil law system is designed for the peaceful resolution of disputes. When you are hurt, or worse – a loved one is hurt or killed – nothing can undo what is done and nothing can replace the pain and disruption to lives that is caused. No amount of money can bring a loved one back or give you back your health.

But modern law does not allow an eye-for-an-eye, nor should it. Lawsuits allow a search for truth about what caused the injury or death, and bringing to bear the judgment of the community on what happened.  The law attempts to right the wrongs of the negligence, and sometimes, conscious indifference of the wrongdoer.

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